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I select the Report Wizard. I select my query and the fields I want to print and click NEXT. On the Labeling and Grouping screens I change nothing (ie; I am not "grouping" any of the records). On the Sort Option page, I select "Last" and "First" fields to sort ascending.... NEXT. On the Choose Layout page I leave it at Tabular (Layout of the Headers and Footers only has "Default" in it)... NEXT. On the Create Report page I leave the defaults of Dynamic and Create Report Now and click FINISH. The field headers repeat for every line (record).

So I did try recreating the report and at the end I selected Modify The Report and FINISH. It shows the layout and where the data would go (in the Detail section), but I see nothing in the Group Header or Page Header sections. No difference.

I finally tried Editing the report I created, and now I see the field headings in the Group Header section. I moved them to the Page Header section and now it prints the way I want it to.