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Yes ebot, and thanks for answering.

Definitely a learning curve, and it took me almost all day to "get it". But, thanks to the "Help" Instructions, Chapter 14 "Mail Merge", I was able to get several sets of labels finished & printed yesterday. My #5160 label is under the "Avery letter size" grouping.

Looking at the LibreOffice method as a whole, I found that it is versatile and adaptable to just about any situation where lists of data need to be printed or saved from a database file.

I liked the final result with one exception. For this particular set of labels, I wanted to have one line larger than the rest of the text on each label. While I could edit the first label's first line, I couldn't edit the rest of them easily before or after the merge. I know there's a way, I just don't have the time to work it out.