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I personally prefer to keep the Schema as is ( in MySQL there are no separate databases, only schema. PostgreSQL, for example, also has separate databases). This year I have decided, for a number of reasons, to move away from MySQL/MariaDB. I have successfully moved & tested all tables/forms/queries & such to PostgreSQL, Firebird server and Firebird embedded. The major system transferred was for personal finances with a few dozen forms, and almost as many tables and queries. There are also at least a few thousand lines of macro coding which had minimal effect when moved.

I found the number of changes needed in the forms (even though they may have contained a number of sub forms) to be inconsequential. It appears in using your method, at least in my systems, I would have a lot more work in completing the effort.

After doing this three times (three different conversions) the only issue was getting correct data to Firebird embedded as there were some problems with numeric & decimal info. I actually accomplished this using Firebird server as an intermediary. Looking back, I don't think I would change my approach.