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I know it is not the answer you are searching for, but it might help someone to provide a solution.

Using GLADE, I managed to add button "Insert citation", to existing Reference tab in Tabbed style... However, I could not add a separate TAB for Mendeley only. Here are the titles, commands, and icons used by Mendeley. It might help someone to create Notebookbar Mendeley Extension.

Insert Citation
Action: macro:///Mendeley.mendeleyMain.insertCitation
Image: %origin%/icons/insertCitation

Undo Edit
Action: macro:///Mendeley.mendeleyMain.undoEdit
Image: %origin%/icons/undoEdit

Merge Citations
Action: macro:///Mendeley.mendeleyMain.mergeCitations
Image: %origin%/icons/mergeCitations

Insert Bibliography
Action: macro:///Mendeley.mendeleyMain.insertBibliography
Image: %origin%/icons/insertBibliography

Action: macro:///Mendeley.mendeleyMain.refresh
Image: %origin%/icons/refresh

Choose Citation Style
Image: no

Export MS Word Compatible
Image: no