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This is a tough question to answer since some details are absent. For example, most of these stock market/bitcoin sights use an API returning JSON format and not CSV (have seen though). Another possibility is that in Calc you can link to HTML tables but haven't seen this for stock market prices.

If in JSON, you may be able to utilize this extension (have not personally tested) -> LibreOffice GetRest Plugin. If that is not acceptable you may need to have code written (probably in Python) to retrieve what is wanted. Did one small python macro and posted sample here -> Importing BTC price to spreadsheet

For CSV it seems retrieval one item at a time is not typically the case. See this post for some basic information on Alphavantage -> Alphavantage / GetYahoo API and Calc import. There you can get multiple CSV items in a single download. Also for that download, this may help -> Import from REST API to Calc

Now all this is not going to give you an absolute answer. It does show there is more to this than what you have explained in the question. This also doesn't even touch on the fact of how often this may be retrieved.

It would appear, however, that for someone without any macro experience this may be a task requiring a lot of education.