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Thanks to Ratslinger for a most complete and thoughtful answer to the question. Given the opportunity of time to do so, I will attempt to follow the instructions and see what happens.

I can add here that the type of OLE linking that I hoped to achieve is a process that I followed for years when writing journal articles, providing budget summaries, and preparing annual proposals in a public health setting that required analyzing and subsequently explaining large data sets. Parenthetically, these set were more than 1,100,000 records, each one of which contained more than 1,500 data items. Whether such sets qualify as large ones in other kinds of work I do not know. Although sometimes cumbersome, the process in general was relatively straightforward to accomplish using Word/Excel/PowerPoint. I had anticipated that LibreOffice, which in many respects outshines the MS suite, would have a similar capability. I suggest that people who can code this as a utility would do a service to people who cannot or that the subject receive attention in future editions of LO documentation.

Thank you again, Ratslinger.