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1st: the formula are written in calc like that = forumula() ..... 2nd: the formula should me the arithmetic sum ((a1+a2+...)/(number of cells)), so you could use this formula =si(a1="";"";1) or something like that (I use the spanish version, so if you use the english one, I supose the formula is =if(...) ; the formula uses an if statement, if the condition a1 (for cell a1) is equal to nothing (""), then you put nothing, and if not you put a 1 ...... (I cant remember if it will work with " " or "" ... just try...) ... so, when you have all those cells with ones... in the total formula, you can now divide by the sum of all the cells in that colum (sum(a1:a999)) (that will sum the cells from a1 to a999) ... so if I was you... I would first do two cells, one adding all the ones (so that you can divide in the averige) and one adding all the data you whant (for example number of steps ...) and in another cell you just divide one cell by the other cell ... and that is how you dont have to keep on changing that formula... I hope I explained clearly