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Thanks for your answer. I've attached the files: Abiword_print.jpg is the document printed with Abiword; LibO_print.jpg is the document printed with LibreOffice; pdf_print.jpg is the document printed with Evince. Then LibO_postscript_driver.jpg is the document printed with LibreOffice choosing "Postscript(level from driver)" from the language type option (the regular setting is "Pdf"). Finally, LibO_postscript_driver_dot_ps_file.odt is the postscript file of the document.

Pdfs are showing up properly under all the pdf viewer I installed.

As you are telling that it might be a printer or driver problem, and considering the fact that it prints properly under Abiword or some jpeg from a browser, do you think it's possible that the pdf part of the driver is, somehow, not written properly?

Thanks a lot.

Abiword_print.jpg LibO_print.jpg pdf_print.jpg LibO_postscript_driver.jpg LibO_postscript_driver_dot_ps_file.odt