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This thread is very old, but having a subject that was clearly (though not fully consistent) worded, it is visited again and again. I originally contributed a soultion only by commenting on the answer posted as "wiki" on 2015-04-29.
Meanwhile there was opportunity to learn that this anwer was unnecessarily complicated. The usage of OFFSET() or similar constructs can be omitted if not the calculated reference is needed. Thus I give a new answer with one old and unchangeable part "-1-" and the simple way to get something like a soultion as far as possible in part "-2-".

To get an actually blank cell by a resident formula is strictly impossible because the formula itself is content of the cell.

The simple way to get what's next to blank if the referenced cell (A2 e.g.) is blank is the formula {=A2:A2}.
(This is =A2:A2 entered for array-evaluation either by Ctrl+Shift+Enter or from the formula wizard.)

The answer is exemplified in this attachment.