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What on the surface seems to be a simple project can end up being a very large one. The reason being that it may not have been planned out properly. The database may seem simple - One table for members; one table for transactions.

Each table needs a unique identifier - a key. This can be an auto generated number which can, for the member table, suffice as the Account Number (ID). What other data to be retained is added: Name, Address, Phone, etc. Transactions are similar. A unique auto generated Transaction ID. The a field for the transaction amount and a type field for deposit/withdrawal and a date field for when the transaction took place.

Seems simple enough but take a closer look. How is it known what transaction belongs to which Account? If a withdrawal is made was there enough in the account to cover it? How do you view the balance of any one account? How do you print a statement for one or all accounts? How is the fund balanced and verified? These are just some of the questions which need to be answered BEFORE starting. If done as you go along it may add much more work to go back and re-do what was already done.

Knowing the basics of Base, a database and SQL are very important. The LO Base documentation can help -> LibreOffice Base Handbook. Further down on that page is information on creating a relational database.

Depending upon the number of participants & transactions to be handled, how muck knowledge you already have on the subject (databases), and how much time you may want to spend on this, you may also want to consider doing this in a spreadsheet. The Calc documentation (spreadsheet) is on the same post as the Base documentation.