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I hope your document are formatted only with styles (paragraph, character, page, ...). Any direct (manual) formatting will not be updated. A second requirement is: styles intended to be identical must have the same name.


  • Show the style "navigator" with F11 or Styles>Styles & Formatting.
  • In the small toolbar, there is an icon with a down pointing arrow in rightmost position. Click on it and select Load Styles.
  • In the dialog, check all style families and Overwrite so that identically named styles are replaced.
  • Push From File button to import from your reference file (another LO Writer document).


Styles in Calc are less developed than in Writer. You can't import definitions from other spreadsheets.

For future documents (at least Writer docs), I suggest you learn from the built-in help the template feature and you design your own containing your own styles. You then create your new documents from this template to inherit all your styles.

The template feature also applies to spreadsheets. Your new spreadsheet can then be unified through a template.

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