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When you identify your paragraph with Tools>Language>something, this is "direct formatting", i.e. an attribute added to those in effect in the current paragraph or character styles. Usually direct formatting takes precedence over the style settings. However, it looks like language is not as "sticky" as other direct formatting: when you apply a new paragraph style, language is reset to the one defined in the style.

My solution is to define ad hoc styles per language. It has the inconvenient to duplicate common styles but it is very reliable. The styles differ only by the Language attribute in Font tab.

I have also defined a character style I call Foreign Quote where I deliberately set language to None in the Font tab. This is handy for short sequences (trade names, abbreviations, proper names, unusual technical terms, …) with the net effect of disabling spell check. Of course, since language is None, you will not be warned if you misspell anything, but that's a catch-all for occasional use of foreign words or sentences in a language I don(t want to bother styles for.

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