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Shame on you. I feel really frustrated after reading your three pages long nonsense about how important this feature is and how much every single person around the whole wide world is crying about this single missing feature which is industry standard and that any program you would even take into consideration for solving your computing issues must have this specific feature and how you don't care about even reading and trying out the answers kind people took time for to provide to you free of charge and how they are obliged to help you. And yes, I exaggerated, so did you.

Please, just cut the BS and show some respect.

Here is a stupid example which most likely does just what you keep whining about. Please rename the .odt file to .zip before extracting, the system does not allow uploading zip files: Master document

And as @oweng said, the easiest way to open the subdocument for editing is double click in the navigator (F5).