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Sorry for the long delay but I've only recently started using LibreOffice. Here's an easy way to clear the history in Windows 10 or lower. It works by creating a copy of the xcu file and restoring it when necessary. If you have a problem with the zipfile, I can email them to you.

  1. Save the attached file, rename it as a zipfile by changing the .doc suffix to .zip (You may have to un-tick "Hide known extensions" in file options) and unzip it. This will produce a folder named "Clear recent" with 2 cmd files in it. You can right-click and edit the command files to see what's in them.

  2. Make sure your setup is working correctly.

  3. Open the LibreOffice startup and clear the list.

  4. Run the "LibreOffice Copy List" command file.

Now, anytime you need to clear the list, just run the "LibreOffice Clear List" command file.

If you need to modify your setup, run the "LibreOffice Clear List" command file, open the LibreOffice program you wish to modify, close “LibreOffice" and run the "LibreOffice Copy List" command file again.C:\fakepath\Clear