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It seems LibreOffice Writer has serious troubles in the most recent versions. It makes Linux systems (maybe only when working with KDE) crash in the most catastrophic way. First the screen gets blocked, you are not able to do anything, but moving the mouse cursor (interestingly this keeps working). After a few seconds, the screen goes to black and the system halts without any care for anything.

I've gone through many forums. Changing memory assignation does not help. The failure tends to happen with non-trivial documents, independently of the size (seems more often with long documents, though). May be some relation with mark, copy, paste operations, but this is not sure either.

Somebody reported that they had to go to an older version of LibreOffice and the trouble dissapears, I am considering this possibility. In any case, I wonder how, I wonder why, LibreOffice team is not solving this catastrophic situation that is annoying so many people (just search to see how many cases of sudden crash are being reported).

My configuration:

OpenSuse Leap 42.3 (64 bits), kernel 4.4.162-78-default KDE Plasma 5.8.7 LibreOfice, included in OpenSuse official distribution and later updated from official repositories

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