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The response Lupp made 06/16/2018 is correct. 1. Open the password-protected file. Of course, you must enter the correct password to open the file. 2. Save the file without a password using menu choices: File --> Save As... --> and uncheck the "Save with password" button -->. Choose Replace when the message "File _____.ods already exists. Do you want to replace it?" appears. 3. The file saved replaces the original file. The replacement file is not password protected. The replacement file has the same name as the original file if the user does not change the name.

However. 1. If the application default is to save files with passwords, and 2. If the File--> Save As... --> option for saving is chosen, the "Save with password" button will by default be checked (activated). That is, the application defaults to "Save with password", just as it has been set to do. 3. if the user wants to reapply password protection, performing File--> Save as... allows this to happen. 4. If the user chooses File--> Save, the file is saved without password protection and is opened without password protection.