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Apart from rotated text (lines parallel to the right margin, i.e. vertical), this can be easily done. My suggestion is then to enlarge the right margin so that you have enough room to write horizontally:

image description

  • Modify the page style to enlarge right margin, enable header (or footer if you prefer); optionally, decrease header height and spacing between header and text since it will not be used (alternately, decrease top margin to give back header area to text).

  • In your page, click into the header area.

    • Insert a frame and give it a width compatible with the right margin width; account for space between text and frame (say 0.5 cm) and between frame and paper edge (say 1 cm). Leave Autosize height.
    • Anchor it to paragraph (i.e. it will be considered as part of the header).
    • Tune Position parameters: Horizontal is From left by 0,5 cm (same value as text-frame space) to Right page border; Vertical is Center to Entire page.
  • Insert whatever text you need in the frame. As an example, I inserted 2 paragraphs: the first one only has a field for chapter number and title; the second one has word "Page" and page number field.

The frame behaves as a sub-document. You can then compose as complex a content as you can fancy. Paragraph and character styling is freely available.

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