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I came across this (old) question trying to do the same thing. Not as professional but I found a work around that I found easier than using SQL. (Although I guess I should look at MySQL Workbench....)
Probably easier/safer If you haven't got lots of data in your table and I would make sure I had a backup first and know the 'field type' /settings of each field.

I 'imported' (dragged the table into) a blank calc sheet. Added a new column and the new field name I wanted. Deleted the table in Base, went back to Calc and exported (dragged back) the table to Base. Gave it the same name, used the column headings as field names etc. I did have to go through and reset the field type of each field. I might have to edit a couple of queries and a form.... but quicker than having to make a new table, typing in 15 field names etc.

I guess I should say that I had no data in the table - I was using a copy of a pre-existing database as a template and needed to add and change a couple of field names in one table. And also I import and export tables between Base and Calc quite often - I get data sent to me as an Excel file (don't have a choice about it) that I want to add to a database.