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Have just confirmed your problem. You should reported the problem here -> Bugzilla.

I personally do not use Debian nor MariaDB (set up only for testing/answering questions). This has worked in the past with a native connector. However, with the release of LO 6.2.x there was a change in the native connector. Previously you needed to install an extension which, for me, worked without a problem. Now the MariaDB connector is used; see -> LO 6.2 Release Notes. Even with the extension installed it is overridden. This does not allow, as you stated, data editing in tables. I have also seen different problems with this connector using MySQL (mainly in macros).

Did a quick test using MariaDB & Base with JDBC connector and saw no problem. This (or going back to a pre LO 6.2 version) may be your only current option for connection.