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Further investigation revealed I was quite premature in my conclusion that the latest version of LibreOffice solved all my problems--except one---in copying and pasting non-text material. The new version of LO certainly dramatically improved the situation--now I can copy/paste photos and graphics on web pages, for example. And with certain PDFs I'm able to copy/paste into LO, although only a page at a time. But for the vast majority of PDFs I'm not able to copy/paste ANY non-text material. It's as though it doesn't exist. What's interesting and puzzling is that, for no obvious reason, there are, as I said, a few PDFs where I am able to copy/paste to LO.

So instead of being concerned that those just-mentioned PDFs only permit page-at-a-time copying/pasting, I'm now preoccupied with my inability to do ANY copying and pasting from the vast majority of PDFs.