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Thank you, this is very useful. I think I am defeated and going to accept the limitations. I will not get the look I want from what you say; ever. It is useful to know this.

I think the flourish will have to go in the interests of ever getting this book formatted. A shame, but at least I know.

I now understand why LibreOffice cannot have the move the page around the screen function. I think. I have moved things using the way you describe, but sometimes get lost doing so as I cannot see the full copy. I use the book view function, but that can mean the writing gets too small to see.

Guess have to find a DTP and stop trying to do the impossible!

However, the information itself is helpful for other projects and I know what not to do now. It seems LibreOffice works fine for an Ebook or a smaller book, but not for the complicated format I have. Perhaps I have to stop thinking like a writer and think like a designer where formatting is concerned.

Formerly, I have written books with a simple chapter heading and text. These seem to be fine with LibreOffice. It got complicated when I wanted to make things look professional. Shame though as I like LibreOffice. I was hoping not to have to learn Scribus, but the two together probably make a great team.

By quotation formatting, I meant it would be useful to press control q and apply the formatting, but I would want that just to write an ordinary file with; not for book formatting. I made styles for a scripture reference and one for the scripture for the book and a lot else. However, when writing a first draft or an essay, it would be useful to have a quotation shortcut.

I did make styles for all the formatting. Took me ages to get everything sorted and then they all disappeared! No idea what happened. I saved the document