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Writer offers more versatile positioning options, albeit the process is initially more manual. It can be automated through the use of frame styles.

The main parameter in your case in the anchor of the picture (or frame containing it).

In your design case can be reached by modifying the default anchor selected by Writer after inserting an image. Right-click on picture and choose Anchor>As Character. Your image is then considered as a huge character and Writer applies the usual justification/alignment rules.

Note that with this anchor mode, you have no longer any freedom to move your images to other locations in the page to achieve a better look. Writer is in command. What you can do is add spaces (preferentially some quad-space which are wider than the extensible/shrinkable U+0020 SPACE which Writer enlarges or shrinks as needed) or tabs.

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PS: correct tag is writer, not common which applies to all applications in the suite