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If you are not afraid of doing a risky job, you can try the following procedure which will preserve original creation date and all other properties.

  1. Save a copy of your document as .fodt, (aka. "flat XML file")
  2. Quit LO
  3. Open the.fodt file with a text editor
  4. Near the beginning, there is a <office:meta> element containing all "properties". Find the author name and replace it.
  5. Save the modified file
  6. Open the modified .fodt file with LO Writer and check the change has been successful
  7. Save the modified .fodt file under the standard .odt format (with a name different from the original one to make sure)

Note that this procedure acts on a copy of the original file. So, if something goes wrong, just discard the copy and think over what happened.

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