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I am a long-time user of WordPerfect, long before they were bought by Corel. The word processor part of the WordPerfect Office suite is pretty good -- well thought-out, well organized, and relatively free of bugs, but sometimes limited in what you can do. Not as rich in features as LIbreOffice.

However, the spreadsheet part of WordPerfect Office, QuattroPro, is full of little bugs, especially in the chart department. The number of QuattroPro bugs that has persisted over the years is what drove me from WordPerfect to LibreOffice.

So LibreOffice also has a few bugs but they get fixed, and the bugs are most often found in areas where users are trying to push the envelope of what can be accomplished. I am a fairly consistent and conservative user and rarely run into any difficulty with LibreOffice. Some of the specialized and convoluted things that people try to do with LibreOffice, and then complain when they can't do it that way, make me shudder.

I also agree with comments about "user expectations" by @ajlittoz and @JackyAnn. Also, the non-proprietary aspects of LibreOffice weigh heavily in its favour over the proprietary, subscription and software-as-a-service features of other office packages.