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Problem and Workaround:

I totally gave up on Insert / Envelope. I found that even trying to define a user defined size of #10 size and manually entering the right width and height would cause it to automatically (!) change it from user defined to the built in #10 incorrect size right before my eyes, with a height of about 16 cm! So user defined did not work. That Insert / Envelope menu item should probably be removed from Writer.

But I found a simple and effective workaround.

Simply open a usual document, go to Format / Page, and from there change the Format to #10 envelope. That works! The page is correctly defined.

I then selected Insert / Text Box a couple times, and entered the return address and send address. Then select the boxes, one by one of course, right-clicked, and selected Position and Size. Then changed the rotation angle to 270 degrees. Then manually dragged the boxes to where I wanted, top right and centered respectively.

Then printed. Works great. Whew!

One other thing, I put the envelope in the manual feed of my printer of course. But if you have the printer properties set to double sided, it got confused and told me it was a size error. Not again! But it wasn't a size error. I simple set the document to single sided printing temporarily, and the envelope printed beautifully.