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Provided the layout shown in the screenshot is only a small part of the document and if you accept the constraint of losing automatic text flow, here is an imperfect workaround. It relies on the assumption that your "paragraphs" never exceed one line.

Note: I alluded in my comment to "sections" but they proved not practical.

Create a table for the "poem": 3 columns as 2 for the half verses and a small one at right for the numbering. Each row will contain a verse. Write (or copy if already existing) the first half-verse, including its "comma", in the left large column; do the same for the second half-verse in the center large column.

Define a paragraph style with name VerseJustify (or any name meaningful for you). In the Alignment tab, select Justified and last line as Justified. Tune the other tabs as desired (indents, spacing, font, …). Apply this style to all half-verse cells of the table. It may also be applied to the numbering column if it is "compatible" (thus simplifying application by selecting first the whole table).

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