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There is no simple method of selecting a range of pages that I know of, apart from doing it in the usual manual manner you indicate e.g., clicking at the beginning of the required range, scrolling to the range end, and SHIFT+click to select the range. Ideally it would great if page selection was possible via the Navigator (F5). There are a few open Navigator-related enhancement requests that address aspects of such a facility:

  • fdo#54834, Allow user to select multiple headings simultaneously
  • fdo#63967, Quickly select several pages of text
  • fdo#64470, Double clicking on an item in the navigator should select the item on canvas

A possible workaround to using the Navigator is to zoom out as far as you can and set your view layout to Columns (the middle icon of the three in the status bar at bottom right). There is also an enhancement request to allow page selection by clicking in the canvas margins: