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To the best of my knowledge, there is no TOC in Draw; please check your tags. I'll then answer for Writer.

Formatting a TOC is done either at insertion time with Insert>Indexes & Tables>Indexes & Tables or later with right-click and Edit Index.

You control layout in the Entries tab. Here you format each level independently from the others. Consequently, to obtain a consistent appearance, you need to set all levels to a common arrangement.

The main tool is the Structure line where you insert/remove fields like chapter title or page number and positioning tab stops (T).

In your case, the leading line stops before the page number: either you used 2 tab stops (the first one with a fill character, the second without) or you type spaces in the white boxes between the Structure. I'd also suggest to right align the page number.

For further information, read the built-in help and the free downloadable guide.

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