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I don't entirely understand your question. Writer can generally handle styles in the same manner that Word can. It is this part of your question that I would like greater clarity on:

It's a simple numbered list but it has some customized formatting. Specifically there are two different paragraph styles and a customized list format linked to one of the paragraph styles that are used for various parts of the document.

I presume by this you mean you have paragraph styles, for example "Numbering 1 custom" and "Numbering 2 custom". Paragraph style "Numbering 1 custom" is associated with list style "Numbering 1 custom" (in order to give it a leading identifier). Paragraph style "Numbering 2 custom" is not associated with a list style (thus it is a basic text style). I am not sure why you would want this second arrangement for a list unless identifiers are being manually added, which sort of defeats the purpose of using a style.

If you could provide greater detail about the lists in question as well as where and how the styles are used in each that would be helpful. Also include details of what it is that Writer is not handling well. Upload or link to a screenshot if necessary. An example file (constructed if necessary) would be ideal.