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Collabora provides instructions for installing their CODE (Collabora Online Development Edition) which is a tweaked/polished Libreoffice Online. You can find them here:

You have to install it in combination with NextCloud, and its Collabora Online extension ( NextCloud provides the user authentication, file storage and general UI.

I first installed NextCloud (you will find plenty of tutorials on the web for how to do that). Nextcloud is not a resource hog; you can run it on a Raspberry Pi if you want. Again, there are plenty of tutorials on the web to do so.

I installed it twice. Once by means of a docker image, and then a second time based on the packages for Ubuntu. I did it the docker way first, just for simplicity: see The disadvantage of the docker way is the amount of disk space the docker image needs. That is why I switched to the packages.

Collabora Online + NextCloud works very well. There is one think your users have to keep in mind: changes in a document are saved automatically. This means that when you edit a document and change your mind, just closing the document will not revert to the original version! Luckily, the integration with Nextcloud provides the possibility to revert a document to a previous version (but you have to do it explicitly).