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There is no need to bookmark the chapter and subchapter headings as long as they are styled Heading n. This styling defined, by itself, implicit bookmarks on the heading.

If you build the TOC from the out-of-the-shelf Insert>TOC & Index>TOC, Index & Bibliography, the Entries tab already contains what is needed to embed links (from TOC to chapter) to jump to the target chapter or subchapter. This is done by the LS and LE (resp. linkk start and link end) markers. Since the link is in the TOC template, it is automatically recomputed when you update the TOC.

If you need the inverse link from chapter heading to TOC item, this is unfortunately not possible. It could be manually tweaked but any update would destroy the painfully added bookmarks in the TOC.

The best you can do is to add a link (manually) from any (sub)chapter heading to the TOC heading (or rather a bookmark immediately preceding the TOC heading). As this bookmark is external to TOC contents, it will survive TOC update.

In case you already did as above, something has gone wrong in your document. Then attach it to your question for examination. A "lorem ipsum" sample exhibiting the unexpected behaviour is enough if you deem the content confidential.

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