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if you didn't take actions to assure that there a several versions, then you don't have any old version of your document. Version won't be created automatically. So it is up to you to implement on or more of the following procedures

  • Set option Tools -> Options -> Load/save -> Cat: Save - Option: Always create backup copy. To set this options is a minimum must to assure that at least the latest version of a document is save to backup directory (see in Tools -> Options -> LibreOffice -> Paths -> Type: Backup where these backups will be stored.
  • Versions: To have versions, you must activate that in File -> Version and at least set option Always save a new version on closing
  • For important documents change your habits: Make it a standard procedure to use File -> Save a Copy after every important changes to your document.
  • Consider to make use of a special naming convention: For example, I prefer for my important document to create file namings like <name>-YYYY-MM-DD-v.x.<extension> (e.g. MyImportantDoc-2019-09-10-v.01.odt)
  • Finally assure to copy your important docs to some external storage