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Like @MartinRinehart, I really would like to use inheritance for page styles. I used it a lot for text styles, but I also absolutely need it for page styles. For instance, the default page format here is A4. I often work on booklets that are in A5 format. So I duplicate the default page style into one that I change to A5 with a specific left/right layout and margins. But every time I need to create a new page style, for instance one for a page feed that starts automatically on the next right-side page, I have to redefine all the layout and margins manually because I can't inherit these settings from my "Booklet" page style. This also means that whenever I do a slight change on the margins, I have to replicate the same change to all dependent page styles because there is no notion of dependence or inheritance for page styles. Some of these page styles have really one different setting compared to the original "Booklet" style. I store these styles in templates, but it does not solve this specific issue, some booklets have unique layouts.

I don't know if page style inheritance will ever be implemented (it would be great), but at the minimum, the GUI should tell the user that inheritance does not work for page styles, for instance via a tooltip on this grayed out option, instead of forcing the user to spend an hour trying to figure out what they are doing wrong (nothing), trying again in different ways, and finally looking up for explanations and finding this thread after many others that are not relevant. ;( Right now, the user is completely let down, it is a double frustration, that the feature does not work, and that nothing says why.