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There is no 'definitive' answer.

You do not specify which database you are using with Base. Base is just a front end to connect to a database. LO ships with HSQLDB embedded and Firebird embedded databases. You can choose to connect to one of these or through connectors to a variety of other databases.

How data is moved can be through a spreadsheet, a utility program or even just copy tables from one Base connection to another. There are field types to consider. They could match up nicely but they could, depending on types you already use, be of different names. Then there is SQL such as queries. There could be differences which need to be modified manually.

Have moved data between various databases in many ways but no two were identical. Used different methods depending upon the databases involved.

This is really not an LO situation but rather a database question and databases vary in many ways. Discussion of this type could become lengthy and overly involved - not something this site is designed for.