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Cross-document references are tricky and every word in the built-in help is important. I make this remark because while doing a test (since i am personally interested in this topic), I fell in a pitfall for disregarding an essential word.

First step is in the preparation of the to-be-referenced locations. You don't use bookmarks as you would do for intra-document cross-references.

  • Instead, you Insert>Cross-reference after selecting the word(s) or location.

  • Type is Set Reference

  • Give a relevant Name

  • Close

The important step is chosing Set Reference instead of creating an ordinary boolmark.

Then when Insert>Cross-reference to create the reference, steps are similar: you choose Type Insert reference and manually type the Name (since it is not known in the document unless already used). You select whatever information you need for this reference (page, chapter or content).

It then works like a charm.

Of course, if you display a sub-document individually, the reference will not be found, but the view of the master document will show correct substitution in the part made of the sub-document.

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