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Thank you very much for this answer.

A few comments first

I agree with you that laying out text is a matter of personal taste and that a universal rule cannot be agreed upon. A word processor should give freedom to its user to typeset its document the way he intends.

You rightfully interpreted my desired effect. The procedure is clean and easy to follow (but I already knew it).

You seem to give a pointer to the Writer Guide for the semantics of the standard styles, notably Cont. and family. I went through the 4.0 Writer Guide and did not find this information. Is there another specific guide?

Having the bullet/number specification under user control is a very good thing. Giving the same name to list and bullet style (e.g. "List 1") may prove disturbing for a newbee, but I do not hesitate to associate "List 1" list with "List 2" bullet if I need it. What may be debatable is the default choice of associating "List 1" list with "none" bullet.

Further discussion

My purpose is related to documentation maintenance for an OSS project. I already have two 200+ page manuals, plus shorter minor manuals. Just like you define symbolic constants in code to ease software configuration, I am streamlining the styles used in the documentation with the hierarchical feature. The goal is to have as few "master" styles as possible so that the general graphical aspect (layout) of the document may be changed with only a handful of key parameters (duly commented in an auxiliary document).

This means the changes propagate down the hierarchy. It works fine, but for the ordered and unordered list styles. These styles have something special: during my experiments, when "List 1 Start" was linked to "List 1", clicking on "Standard" button reset indent parameters to values which were neither "List 1" nor "Default" ones.

Another anomaly (or a misunderstanding from me) is the 'Outline & Numbering' tab -> Line numbering -> 'Restart at this paragraph' check box for "Numbering 1 Start" style. I checked it and asked for a 'Start with' 10. Paragraph number was not restarted and kept running. Should I understand that this sub-tab relates only to [margin] line numbers?

Work arounf is, of course, right-clicking and selecting "Restart numbering", but it is not acceptable to track all "Numbering 1 Start" paragraphs in a 200-page manual.