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You didn't specify if the tab must be punched (part of paper removed) or printed. In either case, the principle is the same as suggested by @Lupp's sample.

Enable header in the page styles where you need tabs. This also has the advantage that contents of the tab may be dynamically changed through the use of fields (such as chapter number).

Insert a frame anchored to the header paragraph (even if this one is empty). Then play with the settings in the Position section. I recommend positioning relative to Entire page so that the frame can be sent anywhere, including the page margins, even if the printer has some "no-print" area.

In case you effectively print something (not a placeholder to later punch out the tab), print it white on black background. After the book is trimmed, it will leave enough "stain" on page edge you can see black patches where you have printed your tabs.

Since the position of the tabs vary across the book parts, you need one page style per "chapter". I know of no way to make frame position computing from any criteria.

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