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The Windows installer is a multi-language install i.e., there are no LO language packs for Windows. You will need to set up the operating system for keyboard switching (as @David indicates) although how compatible ITRANS is with this facility I have no idea. I notice it comes with this warning:

Installing ITRANS and configuring all tools required to make it work is a non-trivial task, and unless you already have installed packages such as TeX, dvips, GhostScript on Windows or Unix platforms and configured them correctly, it will not be worth your while to attempt an ITRANS installation.

That sounds like it will be your most significant issue. The operating system will handle keyboard switching, ITRANS will handle the Kannada ASCII-based input, and then in LO you just need to:

  1. Turn on support for Complex Text Layout (CTL) via Tools > Options... > Language Settings > Languages > Enhanced language support section > check "Show UI elements for Bi-Directional writing"
  2. Select Kannada as the default language via Tools > Options... > Language Settings > Languages > Default languages for documents section > select "Kannada" in the CTL pull-down list.
  3. Select dictionaries via Tools > Options... > Language Settings > Writing Aids. Note: There does not appear to be a Kannada dictionary available for LO (from what I can tell by examining the kn language pack for DEB x86_64). You may have another suitable dictionary choice, although I am not sure what this would be.
  4. Select Hindi numerals if you require this via Tools > Options... > Language Settings > Complex Text Layout > General options section > select "Hindi" from the Numerals pull-down.
  5. Select a font that supports Kannada script via Tools > Options... > LibreOffice Writer > Basic Fonts (CTL).
  6. Define paragraph styles that make use of the required languages (Kannada and English) within LO. Refer my answer here about this.