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In the properties dialog 'Page Style' go to the tap 'Page'. Find the section 'Layout settings' in the right part. There is drop down list for 'Page layout' with the items 'Right and left', 'Mirrored', 'Only right', and 'Only left'.

If you use 'Only right' and 'Only left' you need a pair of page styles. In the organizer tab you set in the field 'Next style' the right-page-style for the one with 'Only left' and for 'Only right' the other way round.

If you use 'Mirrored', right and left will switch automatically.

In case of 'Mirrored' go to the tab 'Header' or 'Footer' respectively. You will find the checkbox 'Same content left/right' active. When you uncheck it, you will later on be able to write a right-side header/footer, when your cursor is on a right side and a left-side header/footer, when your cursor is on a left side.

BTW. You can use Fields from Category 'Document' to get the actual headings into the header, similar to inserting page numbers. Perhaps do you need not a new page style for each chapter.