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Hi William,

The spreadsheet calculations contain true figures, however, what it displays depends on what you want to display.

Example: 2/3 =0.666666666... If you press the currency format it may display 0.67 (but it really contains 0.666666666...

If you press the "Add a Decimal" button, you will see the 6 count increasing, with the right most number still a 7. So it has not rounded it off, just displaying it as rounded off.

Likely for your financial calculations, you will want to round off each calculation (as opposed to mathematics where you would round off the final answer).

There are at least three functions that will help you.

ROUNDOFF(Cell,#) -- this will truncate to the # of decimals specified applying roundoff rules. ROUNDUP(Cell,#) -- round up and truncate to # of decimals. So 0.3333 to 2 decimals rounds to 0.34 ROUNDDOWN(Cell,#) -- round down and truncate to # of decimals. So 0.6666 to 2 decimals rounds to 0.66, but if you press the add a decimal it becomes 0.66000000000.

"Cell" is a reference cell or value.