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This isn't exactly an answer to my particular question above as much as it is a very good workaround that achieves the same end - a split database. I just found this yesterday on the internet: (If you can't find it for some reason just google HSQL split database wizard) It contains macros that set up the split database for you automatically, very simple, easy to follow instructions, you'll have a usuable split database in minutes.

FYI: When making the change to a split database I encountered problems with changed field data types - just view your table field's properties by editing in table view - BUT you cannot change them there and have to use simple SQL instead. (ALTER TABLE "TableName" ALTER "FieldName" VARCHAR(60) for example). Once you alter your field properties your queries should all work properly again.
And so far so good - my most complex Invoice Database that I first tested it on is working great, after a bit of tweaking, but I have far more advanced SQL avialable to me now and most importantly it is no longer prone to data loss. :)