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answered 2014-02-18 01:43:26 +0100

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A custom style is always only in the document in which it is created. However, there are several possibilities.

You can modify the Default style and add as many custom styles as you like, save this document as a template. If you then select this template as your default template, you will have them always available when you open a document based on this template.

You also can import styles from documents or templates into a document which is based on a different document.
F11 and then
image description

then follow the windows which open.

Recommendation: Create by modifying and adding styles - your basic template and set it as your personal default template - some more templates if you need them and select them to start a document which should be based on this special templates.
This process might take a while until all is in the way you want to have it; but it is worth to do it.