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It appears that the Lao Script Windows extension (or use of Zero Width Space, U+200B) is required to obtain correct breaking for Lao text. This is what it states under the Add-on Functions / Break heading:

Insert breaks between Lao words and syllables in the selected text, with optional hyphenation of dictionary-listed words, to allow correct wrapping of Lao text. For Unicode fonts, the break inserted is the "Zero-Width Space" character (U+200B, ZWSP), recognized by most applications as a discretionary line-breaking character. For Writer, inserted ZWSP characters can be displayed or hidden on screen by pressing Ctrl F8, and they never appear on printed documents. Although in Calc the ZWSP characters are always visible on screen, they do not appear in printed documents.

It is very likely that future upgrades to LibreOffice/OpenOffice will include display time wrapping of Lao text, making insertion of break characters unnecessary. However the Check function (see below) will still be useful for checking Lao spelling.