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Ah well, some searching later, I found this:

How to save as 'flat' xml .odt file (View topic) • Apache OpenOffice Community Forum:

LibreOffice comes with the flat xml format available out of the box.
Just use File > Save As, then scroll down the list of file types to "Open Document (Flat XML) .fodt"

Well, I guess not any more...

On Fedora 15, I had to install the "libreoffice-xsltfilter" from the repository. In was not part of the default installation package.
The filters are available here viewtopic.php?f=47&t=44216

ahha... this may bring us closer:

XML Flat Filters (View topic) • Apache OpenOffice Community Forum

Now and then, a user wants to save an OpenOffice document as a flat XML file, rather than the normal zipped file. If you run linux, you probably already have the flat file filters added.

Eh... no.

Otherwise, add them in this manner:
1. Download the flat filters I have included.
3. Open Open Office and go the tools menu, then the XML Filter Settings. ...

Ahha.. trying that, I note that there are four files in that zip:


... and thankfully (for me) flat xml presentation is one of them; this is what my XML Filter Settings in LO looked like:

lo-XML Filter Settings1.png

... and after adding those filters:

lo-XML Filter Settings2.png

... and finally, I can save as Flat XML .odp (or .fodp) now:


... nice! :)

As a side note, this is how OpenOffice's XML Filter Settings looks like for me:

oo-XML Filter Settings1.png

... unfortunately, when I try to add the .jars from the zip, I get:


... that is, the old "Due to an unexpected error, OpenOffice crashed..."

But, at least one works, so I'm happy now :)

Hope this helps someone,