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The LibO Writer Guide: "Chapter 4: Formatting Pages" has useful advice on page numbering and "Chapter 5: Printing, Exporting, Faxing, and E-Mailing" useful advice on Printing options.

Is there a reason why you are using two columns (i.e. One page number for two pages) when you appear to want to print the page in a smaller format? (Two page numbers on one letter sized sheet) Given the same requirement, I would probably adjust the PAGE STYLE page size to the actual size I want (User 8.5 x 5.5). Then either adjust the printer settings to print two pages on each sheet of paper or use the Brochure option. If you are using metric A4 paper it is slightly simpler as A5 is one half of A4 and you can buy A5 paper. That way the page numbers would be automatic. Peter