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Hey man

I'll try and break your problem into two pieces and give you the answer to the first. 1. You want a dynamic address in your formual (solved. I believe) 2. You want the formula to auto-recalc when you past (I can't figure this out yet)

My proposal for the first one: =INDIRECT("F"&ROW()) if you put something like that in, you dont specify a range that the system needs to update. Whenever it decides to reevaluate the formula, it will point to the relevant row.

The issue is point2. The only way I can get CALC to recalc that dynamic reference, is as follows: Paste special formats over multiple rows Then go format -> conditional manage. Then click on every row, edit and ok. When you click the final ok to close the management of formulas' all the rows that you edited (and OK'ed) will be reevaluated.