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The file is corrupt. Make a copy and work on the copy. Change the file name extension to zip and open the container. You will see the file content.xml. Open the file in an editor and go to the place mentioned in the error message. If you are lucky you will detect the error, for example a duplicate attribute. Repair it and save the corrected content.xml to the old place. Leave the container and change the file name extension back to ods.

If you do not detect the error, you can try to open the file content.xml in another application, for example in a browser and perhaps get a more detailed error message.

If you are still without success, I fear, repairing is not possible. Do you have enabled to generate a backup? Then goto your LO user directory and look at the backup folder. Hopefully you find a version not too old.

You might be able to extract the cell contents from the file content.xml. It is not a binary file, but human readable. But that is very tedious.