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Thank you David and Regina. Problem solved. If I double-clicked on the file in My Computer it would open Untitled 1. If I right click I have now found that I have options including to open the file I want to open or to simply open Writer. I checked the settings you pointed me to Regina and found that I had checked Open Save Dialogs which meant nothing to me at the time. However I unchecked this and consequently the programme opens by double clicking on the file as I have always done. I had previously googled and found a number of people had come up against the same problem without finding a solution. Although it is obvious to me now what the Open Save dialogs means, I think the option needs to have a "further information here" added. I've used word processors right back to Wordstar, but unfamiliarity with a new programme can mean that a bit of computer jargon doesn't impinge as immediately as one might expect.

Thank you again.