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I know no build-in way to avoid it, but you have some means to tweak the TOC. You can try to make the line shorter, so that the page number fits into the first line, or to make the line longer, so that at least one word goes to the second line.

  • Do not use a dot after the chapter number, that is typographically wrong anyway.
  • To get the wrap for very long lines you have likely used indents and/or tabs. Tweak their positions.
  • Write your TOC with an additional indent on the left side.
  • Use a font size, which is a little bit larger or smaller. For example 12.2pt instead of 12pt might already force the wrap before the last word of the line, or 11.7pt to make the page number fit.
  • Expand or condense the letter spacing a little bit, 0.1pt will likely work already.
  • Rethink the content of the heading.