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Note: I use LO 4.2, which may be a little different in the way things are named than in your version of LO.

It appears your goal is to get data from a table in a database into a spreadsheet, for whatever reason. (If your reason is "for display purposes only", try the Base reports functionality.)

The way to get data into a spreadsheet that the developers thought of, is different than using copy and paste: it is the data sources way. If you registered your database in LibreOffice, you can directly use and import data into a spreadsheet from the database.

In Calc, press F4 or click the Data sources button in the toolbar to open the data sources pane. Navigate to your database and table, view or query and drag the row(s) or column(s) you would like to use to the cells in the main pane. This will link the database table/view/query to that spot in your spreadsheet as a database range, so that it may be updated when the data in the database changes. Alternatively, you can use the database range to insert a copy of the current database state rather than a range that is updated when the database changes.

A more detailed description can be found in the LO Calc guide, in the section Using data sources in Calc spreadsheets.